EZDrone Inc is a drone(suas) sales, service and training center located in San Diego California and Portland Oregon. We bring you the highest quality and most popular multirotors on the market today. We also have some of the best and most experienced technicians to help you out no matter what brand you have. Our techs have seen it all and can help get you back in the in no time.

Looking to add a custom setup designed for a specific need to your business? We can help. We have worked with many companies to implement drone technology into their business. We have a design team and years of experience developing custom platforms. We use 3D printers and CNC machines for rapid prototyping of specialized parts to make sure your getting exactly what you want. We go above and beyond because custom design is our passion. Contact us today to find out more about fleet implementation for business.

Want to get in the air but are not comfortable flying such an expensive piece of equipment? Don't worry, we have training facilities coming online across the country. Find the closest location to you and enroll in a training class to learn the basics. Don't fly across the country and spend $3500 on a basic class. We offer courses that come with drones so you can buy, learn and fly starting at only $225.